12 September 2017 WaveRoller® Partners with Wärtsilä in Commercial Roll-Out on EPC Basis
6 September 2017 AW-Energy and Queen’s University Belfast to Cooperate in MaRINET2
31 August 2017 Lloyd’s Register Issues WaveRoller® the First Design Appraisal Certificate in the Wave Energy Industry
16 August 2017 WavEC Offshore Renewables Conducted Biofouling Tests at AW-Energy’s site in Peniche
5 July 2017 WaveRoller Animation Demonstrates Operation Principles
21 June 2017 PTO Passed One Year’s Rough Weather Milestone
24 May 2017 WaveRoller® Featured at the Clean Energy Technology Exhibition in Beijing – CEO Liljelund Gives Presentation at CEM8 Innovation Theater
18 May 2017 CEO John Liljelund Presents Second Prize of Environmental Videoclip Contest at Embassy of Mexico
16 May 2017 Wärtsilä provides its marine technology expertise to new wave energy project
1 December 2016 European Commission lists FOAK as prime example of H2020 funding
16 November 2016 AW-Energy NewsReel NOV 2016
4 October 2016 AW-Energy and WaveRoller in EIB's "40 years in Portgual" Anniversary Video
27 September 2016 AW-Energy is awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for its management system
7 September 2016 New ground modelling method for WaveRoller sites by LR
12 July 2016 Lloyd’s Register awards the first Technology Qualification Certificate for ocean energy to WaveRoller®
6 July 2016 EIB to bank WaveRoller commercialisation project
9 June 2016 WaveRoller amongst impressive company
21 May 2016 EU-Commissioner impressed by WaveRoller Test Centre
28 April 2016 AW-Energy CEO appointed to Ocean Energy Europe Board of Directors
30 March 2016 WaveRoller PTO passes 6 months inspection with flying colours
3 February 2016 Neuroscience to be deployed for enhancing the performance of WaveRoller
9 December 2015 Pictures from the Inauguration of the Järvenpää Research Center on November 18th 2015
7 December 2015 Impressive first results from AW-Energy’s Järvenpää Research Center
2 December 2015 AW-Energy and ENAL signed MoU for 10MW WaveRoller® wavefarm in Mexico
5 November 2015 AW Energy short-listed to the 2015 Red Herring Global Award
15 October 2015 Lloyd’s approves WaveRoller® TQ plan
14 August 2015 AW-Energy Newsreel August 2015
9 June 2015 Portuguese Minister of Energy impressed by WaveRoller installation
11 May 2015 WaveRoller® Technology Endorsed by Lloyd’s Register
8 April 2015 AW-Energy is a Finalist for the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award
23 March 2015 WaveRoller®’s structural response successfully predicted in DNV GL simulations
10 January 2015 WaveRoller newsreel gives latest insights
8 December 2014 Lloyd’s Register clears WaveRoller™ to be in original condition after rough sea trials
25 November 2014 WaveRoller in "El Mercurio" newspaper in Chile
17 November 2014 AW-Energy and WaveRoller in Chilean newspaper "Revista Electricidad"
6 November 2014 WaveRoller™ Pilot Power Plant returns to dock after successful evaluation campaign
16 September 2014 WaveRoller secures nearly 15 M€ for projects from the EU and TEKES
4 September 2014 AW-Energy to collaborate with Lloyd's Register to certify WaveRoller™ technology
28 April 2014 Video review of the SURGE-project
5 February 2014 WaveRoller obtains external performance verification from DNV GL
4 December 2013 AW-Energy signs deal for PTO-testcenter premises
14 October 2013 ASP World Tour opened unique SURGE-exhibition
19 September 2013 Fortum, DCNS, AW-Energy and Bretagne Region cooperate on wave power demonstration project in France
13 April 2013 WaveRoller in Portugese newspaper "Expresso"
22 March 2013 WaveRoller video in Japanese - 波エネルギー
11 March 2013 AW-Energy CEO interviewed by Bloomberg
6 February 2013 WaveRoller video en Français
31 January 2013 WaveRoller well positioned to pilot Chilean wave energy production
10 December 2012 Article about wave energy in German press
21 November 2012 WaveRoller video in Portuguese
15 November 2012 Promising results from first grid-connected WaveRoller units – Initial outcomes surpass expectations
17 October 2012 GL Garrad Hassan and WaveRoller team jointly publish a research paper on wave energy converter (WEC) design tool
4 September 2012 WaveRoller represents Finnish cleantech sector in Japan
3 September 2012 WaveRoller buoyed by Funding Surge – AW-Energy Ltd. closes 9M$ Financing Round
27 August 2012 Calm seas carried the WaveRoller: Successful installation started the commissioning period
22 August 2012 WaveRoller in featured article about wave energy in Le Figaro
16 August 2012 WaveRoller video in English
5 August 2012 All panels installed on the WaveRoller: Way forward to test deployment
1 August 2012 WaveRoller launched on the water
27 July 2012 WaveRoller on Finnish news - Finnish wave power ready to surge
12 June 2012 Hempel agrees partnership with AW-Energy
30 April 2012 WaveRoller video in Spanish (Espanol)
20 January 2012 Full speed to the deployment phase - Waveroller Pilot Power Plant arrived in Portugal
28 October 2011 Silent progress - WaveRoller testing update
10 October 2011 Favorable winds for Pilot Power Plant - First WaveRoller soon to leave the assembly line
14 April 2011 Promising test results for WaveRoller - power output exceeds expectations
2 April 2011 Simulating the Seas - Final Test Sequence Launched
31 January 2011 Time Ripe for Third Wave of Renewable Energies
12 October 2010 Pilot WaveRoller Power Plant Operational by Mid-2012
2 October 2009 AW-Energy Signs $4.4M Contract for EU Wave Energy Project