Wave farms

A series of WaveRoller devices can be deployed into an array to create a wave farm. Since WaveRoller is constructed as modular individual units, there is no natural upper limit to the number of devices that can be used in an array, therefore offering a high level of scalability and reliability.

The electricity output from an individual WaveRoller panel travels to a hub or substation, making it easy to plug in new units in separate project development stages to introduce additional capacity to a wave farm.  The modular design of the units means that any potential underperformance or service and maintenance breaks in individual units have no impact on the remaining devices, ensuring uninterrupted power output from the farm.

Layout is an important factor in the installation of a WaveRoller wave farm. In fact, the power output from the farm may vary significantly depending on how the units are positioned in relation to each other. Our extensive experience gathered from installing and running WaveRoller arrays in the open sea environment, as well as results from array tank tests ensures that we can assist our customers with optimal layout design for specific project sites.

WaveRoller wave energy farm under water