Site selection

site selection for WaveRoller - finding the best wave energy resourcesA number of different factors affect successful site selection. A meticulous approach to project implementation requires that developers consider not only the site resource and technical points of view, but also environmental issues and other current uses for the location of the planned implementation. The WaveRoller team brings its specialized expertise gained from years of field work as a pioneer in near-shore wave energy development to site selection. Heavy investments in the tools required for site resource assessment and micro-siting of this type of technology are also important aspects of a successful project.

The site selection process for WaveRoller wave farms typically begins with a high-level analysis of wave energy resources available along the shores within the scope of the project. Once the areas with the highest potential have been identified, we conduct a more in-depth analysis of site candidates. Apart from more detailed analysis of the micro-site wave climate, including the study of the seabed shape (bathymetry) and structure (sediment), we evaluate environmental and spatial planning building blocks.

Completing this kind of detailed site feasibility study, allows us to more accurately estimate the potential power output from the planned WaveRoller wave farm and to move forward with project development.