Health & Safety

Health and safety issues are among our top priorities. Thorough health and safety risk assessments were conducted in the selection and finalization of the WaveRoller power plant design. Consequently, our operation and maintenance philosophy is to always performed  the O&M activities when the WaveRoller units are on the surface or in a dry dock, thus eliminating a major safety risk. This approach forms an important aspect of our Operation and Maintenance program.

The WaveRoller team has gathered broad experience from open sea and diving operations in a number of different locations. In all of our operations, whether in test facilities or deployment locations, we rigorously follow thorough procedures in terms of documenting and communicating to work crews  the health and safety risks of each operation. Moreover, since many of our team members have experience from commercial and military sea and diving operations, we can ensure adherence to the strictest health and safety procedures.

Towing WaveRoller