Over 500 GW Of Global Potential

Wave energy is the largest untapped form of renewable energy in the world. It is on track to produce ten percent of the global energy demand in the upcoming decades. The global installed capacity of wind and solar power at the end of 2014 was 360 GW and 150 GW respectively. See the global wave energy resource distribution in the map below.

Independent Performance Validation By DNV-GL

The WaveRoller® Demonstration Power Plant obtained independent 3rd party verification of its power production results obtained during sea trials in a fully exposed ocean environment during 2012-2014. The measured power capture was in line with expectations.

Strong Environmental Values

The WaveRoller® Demonstration Power Plant is installed in a NATURA2000 environmentally protected sanctuary in Portugal providing proof of its low environmental footprint. The emission-free WaveRoller® has a low visual impact as most of the device is submerged. AW-Energy has carried out a full range of environmental monitoring procedures ranging from sediment movement to subsea noise levels. A life cycle assessment of the device is ongoing.

Defining Industry Standards

Third party validation of products and procedures makes WaveRoller® a pioneer for the entire wave energy industry. The cooperation with strong industrial partners such as Lloyd’s Register® and DNV-GL® ensure excellence in key areas, namely reliability and high availability. AW-Energy’s level of technological readiness and development is on par with the most advanced tidal energy companies.

Full Industrial Certification

The WaveRoller® is currently following a Certification programme by Lloyd’s Register Energy for a full industrial Certification of the WaveRoller® technology. The aim is to ensure that the highest quality standards and technical excellence are met.

PTT Testing Facilities Operational As Of 2015

The new state of the art development- and testing center for developing PTO’s (Power Take Off Systems) has been commissioned and is in use. The unique 1,5 MW grid-connected test bench located in the city of Järvenpää, Finland is designed to develop, test and tune the heart of the WaveRollers™ and their PTO’s.

Device Condition Approved for Redeployment by Lloyd’s Register After Rough Sea Trials

Following an extensive sea campaign with wave heights of more than eight meters, the classification society Lloyd’s report read ”After inspection the WaveRoller is ready for the next installation and operation can be continued. ” WaveRoller® is the first WEC to have achieved this milestone.

Reaching 60 International Patents

AW-Energy has a strong IPR portfolio in nearshore wave energy technology with more than 30 international patents granted in 17 different areas. The portfolio covers elements from the WaveRoller® concept to its product design. The patent portfolio is updated continuously and over two dozen applications are currently pending approval.

Supreme Device Survivability

The WaveRoller is installed in the nearshore area at depths of approximately eight to twenty meters, where it captures the sweet spot of the surge phenomenon as well as avoids the most violent storms. Because the largest waves break naturally already before entering near-shore areas, WaveRoller® devices elude the devastating waves that can harm offshore installations. Nonetheless, the WaveRoller® is designed to with hold the 100 year wave as verified by TechNip.

Global operations

The best wave energy resources are concentrated on the coast lines where the majority of the populations live and the demand for renewable energy is most needed. AW-Energy has several projects initiated in prime near shore wave energy hubs including Portugal, France, Ireland and Chile.


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